NARRco. Racks

They are here! The new NARRco Racks!

We have teamed up with NARRco (North American Racing Rack Company).  NARRco is a start up gear manufacturing and prototyping house looking to make an impact in the automotive and robotics world.

The new NARRco rack is available and in stock.

The NARRco Rack offers great quality paired with manufacturing simplicity.

Just a light-weight, great quality, robust rack were the savings is passed off to you the customer. Lightweight and agile for open wheel racecar and the durability for an off road machine. NARRco has agreed to modify their rack to match the needed rack speed and eye to eye you all are looking for. Due to rushed production, they will only be offering the 14.4 rack for this production run, so please try to accommodate this size for your vehicle. In collaboration with TYCA, the rack will use the clevises, bump stops, and mounts to make it a plug and play system between the two. The NARRco rack will also not break your back or your wallet at $500 USD and 1.5 pounds! 


Rack Specs:

Eye-to-Eye length (Heim joint bolt to Heim joint bolt):

14.4 inches (365.76 mm)

Rack Speed: 3.46 in/rev (87.9 mm/rev)

Supplies Angle Limit: 260° Lock-Lock (130° Per Side)

(Rack comes with bump stops that can be shaved down 0.10 inches (2.54 mm))

Max Steering Angle Limit: 280° Lock-Lock (140° Per Side)

Weight: 14.4 Rack ≈ 1.5 lb (680 grams)

Rack will ship with the items below:

  • (1) rack assembly
  • (1) set of clevises (2 clevises)
  • (1) set of bump stops (2 bump stops)

TYCA's Rack mounts will also be for sale for this rack but sold separately. 

Download Rack Models:

NARRco Rack 14.4