FS Donut Challenge

January 16, 2016

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These can not be purchased. They must be earned! 

To get these:

FS Donuts

You must first do these:

Submit your video to us at info@fsaeparts.com with subject line: FSDonut. or hashtag #FSdonut on Instagram. 

Our goal for FSAEparts.com is for it to become a one stop shop for your formula car parts. To do this, we’re teaming up with some great companies and doing the wheeling and dealing for you, so we can provide you with the best prices.
For this to work, these companies want to see their names passed around like a bottle of crown in the racing world. Being part of Formula SAE for several years, we’ve gotten to meet lots of you and your teams, so we know we can fulfill this need for them. That said, we need your help to prove it! Please help spread the word about FSAEparts.com to your teammates and everyone else you know.
To make it interesting, let’s play a game: have your team members, friends, family, or anybody like our page and comment on this post with your team’s name. The school with the most mentions by Michigan wins a $100 credit for FSAEparts.com -- we will also put a good word in for you to our partners!
So let the games begin and take a shot at winning some free stuff!


Winner is The University of Texas Arlington with 24 votes!


We will contact you with a $100 gift card to FSAEparts.com or $100 off anything from our partners.