AN3 Bolts

AN3 (3/16" Diam.) (10-32 Thread)

We offer a wide selection of AN bolts.

We offer AN3 bolts dash #3A-30A.

We can also get AN3 bolts as long as dash #80. 

If you need any AN3 bolt over dash #30A please contact us at and we will be more than happy to help you out.


Hex head aircraft bolts are made of high-strength type 4037 or 8740 alloy steel (type 8740 is most commonly used).
The bolts are centerless ground and threaded after heat treatment.
Minimum tensile strength 125,000 PSI. Cadmium plated per specification QQ-P-416A, Type II, Class 3.
Please see attached document for more details on sizing and call-outs. 



Thread_Spread_Sheet        310 KB

Type: Hardware