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  • Based out The Cooper Union in New York City, we are a team of undergraduate students designing and building race cars.  Our 50-person team has students with a background in every area, designers with a passion and ability to impress.  We are brought together by our passion for testing the limits of our technical skills and creativity.

    Cooper Motorsports is different.  While other teams operate on school budgets in areas with rich automotive manufacturing traditions, Cooper Motorsports operates out of a lab two floors underground with the nearest testing location an hour drive away.  Every dollar we receive goes far: whether it be teaching high school students and freshmen engineers the principles of design, innovating on the cutting edge of automotive research, or building a beautiful and successful race car.  We do more with less, and always will.
  • Honda CBR 600RR
  • 1245mm/1219mm
  • 1537mm
  • 10 inch
  • Steel Space Frame
  • 93 Octane
  • 49 kW @ 10,000rpm
  • 450 lbs