RCV FSAE Axle Shaft

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These shafts are made from high alloy 4130 steel tubing for reduced weight & superior strength.

For more info check out www.rcvperformance.com or check out the downloads below. 

Please see brochure below for axle length calculations and snap ring groove machining.


2020-1100 (D5158)-- 11”, 1.02 lbs

2020-1300 (D5157)-- 13”, 1.19 lbs

2020-1500 (D5115)-- 15”, 1.36 lbs

2020-1700 (D5159)-- 17”, 1.54 lbs

2020-1900 (D5160)-- 19”, 1.71 lbs

2020-2108 (D5210)—21”, 1.88 lbs

2020-2300 (D5283)-- 23”, 2.06 lbs

*D5160; D5159 are on back order*

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Install Q’s
    1. What measurements are needed?
      1. Look to the “determining your axle length” section. That should be it
    2. Is there a plunging system?
      1. No! There is NOT a need for one regardless of what you may have heard, and seen in the past.
    3. Does the lack of a plunging system increase the risk of the axle falling out?
      1. You bet! However, measure and test fit everything correctly, and they won’t. If you are extremely concerned about the axles falling out, you are more than welcome to try and figure out how to make your own plunging system. That being said, we have zero issues to date
    4. Do these axles include the required snap rings, bolts, or spindle nuts for our car?
      1. Nope, you are required to source those parts yourself.
    5. Do we have to cut our axles to length, and add snap ring grooves?
      1. Yes. We did this to make the axles “stockable” items, and to keep model mismatch errors low.
    6. Do we have to cut the Torsen housings to length and add snap ring grooves?
      1. Yep. We don’t know how you made your torsen diff housing and therefore you need to modify the torsen housings accordingly.
    7. Why is my Drexler diff leaking fluid past the tripod housings?
      1. You probably forgot the seals or the bolt. We recommend using either the seals from Drexler, or Deamar part number 28407 seals. They can be found in this catalogue: http://daemar.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Daemar-DMRShaft-Seals-Catalogue-C0A-003-W.pdf
      2. The bolts are M8 x 1.25 x 7.5mm length



RCV Performance Brochure - fsae_brochure.pdf

Axle Length Guide - axle_length_guide

CAD Files:

2020-1100 (D5158)-- 11”.step

2020-1300 (D5157)-- 13”.step

2020-1500 (D5115)-- 15”.step

2020-1700 (D5159)-- 17”.step

2020-1900 (D5160)-- 19”.step

2020-2108 (D5210)—21”.step

2020-2300 (D5283)-- 23”.step

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