TYCA Rack Qualified Order

This is for qualified customers to purchase the TYCA Rack. This is to pay the remaining balance of the pre-ordered TYCA rack.

The new TYCA rack is almost available. TYCA has 4 prototypes out now. This page is to pay the remaining balance of the pre-order  of the newest rack in the Formula SAE/Student world.

TYCA is going to make a small batch run of 20 racks. The delivery date of a completed rack would be June 8th. You will need to put a deposit down before May 1st 2018 to claim one of these first 20. Just in time for the Lincoln competition. 

How the deposit works

The deposit will be $100 USD to show you are serious about having a rack soon. The deposit will then be used towards the total rack price once the racks are ready to ship. Also by being one of the first teams to purchase this rack, you will get a one time only exclusive sale price of $600 USD. $100 deposit + $500 future payment = $600 USD total price. 


Rack Specs:

Eye-to-Eye length (Heim joint bolt to Heim joint bolt):

11.4 inches (289.56 mm)

14.4 inches (365.76 mm)

17.4 inches ( 441.96 mm)

Rack Speed: 3.467 in/rev (88.9 mm/rev)

Supplies Angle Limit: 260° Lock-Lock (130° Per Side)

(Rack comes with bump stops that can be shaved down 0.10 inches (2.54 mm))

Max Steering Angle Limit: 280° Lock-Lock (140° Per Side)

Weight: 14.4 Rack ≈ 1.0 lb (453 grams)

Rack will ship with the items below:

  • (1) rack assembly
  • (1) set of clevises (2 clevises)
  • (1) set of bump stops (2 bump stops)

Rack mounts will also be for sale for this rack but sold separately. 

Download Rack Models:

TYCA Rack 11.4

TYCA Rack 14.4

TYCA Rack 17.4


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