Grade 5 Titanium (Drop)

These are drops so there is only 1 quantity of each size listed in the drop down menus.

Thanks to our partnership with Titanium Engineers we are able to offer you formula teams high-end titanium at an unbeatable price: $28 per pound. Half the price of our internet competitors!



These are drops (left overs) from Titanium Engineers. This is very high-end grade 5 titanium - none of it comes from China. 






Titanium 6Al-4V/Grade 5 (UNS R56400) is the most widely used titanium grade. It is a two phase α+β titanium alloy, with 
aluminum as the alpha stabilizer and vanadium as the beta stabilizer. This high-strength alloy can be used from cryogenic 
temperatures up to about 800°F (427°C). Titanium 6Al-4V alloy is principally used in the annealed condition.






Please contact us if you would like to purchase a bar cut to length. An additional $10 will be added to the order per cut. 



We also sell their certified inventory. If interested please go to the "Grade 5 (6Al-4V) Titanium with Certs" product page.









TITANIUM 6Al-4V, Ti 6-4 / Grade 5, (UNS R56400)                 497 KB

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