22 - Piece Tri-Lobe Precision Hobby Knife Set

This breakthrough precision knife set is purposefully designed to achieve unsurpassed comfort, precision and ease-of-use by supporting the natural position of the hand and fingers.

The set includes:

  • Two different ergonomically-designed handles for either knife or pencil grip
  • 20 interchangeable blades
    • 6 - No. 11
    • 5 - No. 16
    • 3 - No. 17
    • 4 - No. 22
    • 2 - No. 28


Designed in-house by General's engineering team, the Model 90602 (Patent Pending) is ideal for professionals, DIYers and hobbyists performing precision woodworking, graphic design, wallpapering, carpeting and other tasks. Its design reduces user fatigue and enables more precise, more powerful cuts on a myriad of materials from paper, cardboard and wood to plastics, leather, sheeting and more. Nothing else looks like it; nothing else feels like it. The knives are available for individual purchase. Pencil-grip (90601) comes with a No. 11 blade, while the Knife-grip (90602) comes with a No. 22 blade.

Type: Tools